David Akers (1975/82) David Akers (1975/88)

Expertise: All U.S. coins.
Specialties: Rarities and high-quality examples

Between 1975 and 1982, coin dealer/high quality-rarity specialist extraordinaire David Akers published a massive six volume set of books on United States gold coins. These six volumes were very influential at the time and have remained an important reference for all serious rare gold dealers and collectors. David also wrote the definitive book on United States gold patterns. David's insight was definitely way ahead of his time. Check out his comments on rarity misconceptions (example: 1932 $20) and coin types and varieties (1839/8 $10) for examples of his going against the "conventional wisdom" of the day. We're still researching his 1975 comments and theory on the 1841 $2.5 Liberty. In 1988, he expanded his comments on the 20th century gold series (1907-1933) in a specialized book on the four series of the 20th century.

David Akers has graciously allowed PCGS CoinFacts to republish his comments on all United States gold coins, along with comments from his many important auction catalogs, including his sale of the incredible John J. Pittman collection. His comments from his books appear on PCGS CoinFacts as "David Akers 1975/88".