A Bechtler $5 K-29 141 Grs., 20 Carat MS (PCGS# 10049)


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Decidedly prooflike yellow gold with distinctive olive highlights. Austere in design but well-presented with boldly impressed elements. Not heavily marked, even in the reflective fields, and choice for the grade as such. We note a small planchet lamination, as struck and not uncommon to the issue, at the first A in CAROLINA on the reverse. (The present writer appreciates the spelling of CARATS, which today is usually reserved for <em>diamonds, </em>with <em>karats</em>&nbsp;today's acceptable spelling for gold fineness.) Struck from hand-made dies and punches, with&nbsp;each A in CARATS lacking their crossbar. Reverse misaligned as often found for the issue&mdash;the space between the I and N in CAROLINA points to 8:00 when the coin is turned on its <em>horizontal</em>&nbsp;axis. The Bechtler family coinage includes gold coins of the dollar denomination, the first such coinage in America, quarter eagles, and half eagles, all of a weight that exceeded the federal coinage of the era in order to avoid&nbsp;mistrust and to insure ready commercial acceptance in the gold region of the Carolinas and Georgia. Indeed, the family's coinage circulated for decades after its first appearance in commerce, even after the opening of the federal branch mints in Charlotte, Dahlonega, and New Orleans, circulating at par with those federal issues. The present specimen, which proclaims boldly its origin as CAROLINA GOLD, is an unusually attractive example of the date and grade combination, and its presence here affords an advanced collector an infrequent, at best,&nbsp;opportunity to acquire an example of one of the cornerstones of early American private coinage. Be prepared to bid accordingly, for both history <em>and </em>numismatics have a strong presence here.<br /> <br /> <strong>Numismatic Reflections by Q. David Bowers<br /> </strong>This later issue in the Bechtler coinage, struck by August Bechtler, is beautiful to behold and will be even nicer to own. If you are the purchaser,
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