1834 $5 K-17 C. Bechtler, PE RUTHERFORD MS (PCGS# 10091)

2007 ANA Charlotte National Money Show Auction, Presented by Robert Korver #432

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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1834 $5 C. Bechtler Five Dollar, 140 G., RUTHERFORD, Plain Edge AU55 PCGS. K-17, R.5. All of the Bechtler five dollar gold pieces are rare. This coin dates from the Fourth Series of the Bechtler coinage, when the date and gold content were placed on the coins to avoid antagonizing federal officials contemplating a lowered gold content for U.S. coins effective August 1, 1834. The obverse shows CAROLINA GOLD./CARATS. around the outside, with AUGUST 1.1834. in an inner circle, and 140/.G./20. in the center. The reverse offers SC.BECHTLER. AT RUTHERFORD. around, with 5/DOLLARS. in the center. This single obverse die, with 20 close to CARATS, was mated with three different reverse dies to produce the K-16, K-17, and K-18 varieties. The present K-17 example is distinguished by the plain edge and the periods after C. and RUTHERFORD. Much luster remains on the greenish-gold surfaces, along with hints of prooflikeness on the reverse. Some light, undistracting planchet adjustment marks, similar to those on early U.S. gold and silver coins, show on the rim above the O in CAROLINA, and opposite above ER--not surprisingly, since the Bechtler pieces at nominal weight were worth more than their face value. Light die breaks show through RUTH and above the S. This lovely and rare Territorial gold piece is among the handful of finest certified, with only six AU55 pieces at PCGS and a single AU58 piece finer, none at NGC (2/07). Listed and depicted at the top of page 346 of the 2007 Guide Book.
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