1839 $1 J-104 Restrike PR (PCGS# 11446)

August 2011 Chicago ANA - Rarities Night

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Lot Description
1839 Gobrecht Silver Dollar. Name Removed. Judd-104 Restrike, Pollock-116. Rarity-3. Dannreuther Reverse Die State b-c (intermediate die... Struck in silver with a reeded edge. Die Alignment IV (medallic alignment of the dies with Liberty's head opposite the letter F in OF and the eagle flying level). The PCGS insert attributes this coin as a restrike, although we have doubts as to the validity of that assessment. For starters, the coin is an intermediate die state between Dannreuther Reverse Die States b and c (or perhaps a better way to describe it is a first stage example of Dannreuther Reverse Die State c). The reverse is only very faintly cracked through the tops of the letters ITE in UNITED and MER in AMERICA. There is no die spur from the upper part of the letter D in UNITED, and the die line from the denticles above the letter T in UNITED is still discernible under&nbsp;magnification. In an article originally published in the November 2007 issue of <em>Rare Coin Market Report</em>, John Dannreuther does not denote any Judd-104 examples&nbsp;of Die Alignment IV&nbsp;in Reverse Die State c. He does, however, denote Die Alignment IV examples in Die State b, hence our attribution of this coin as an intermediate Die State b-c example. Dannreuther Reverse Die State a examples (perfect reverse with no cracks) in Die Alignments IV and IV+ certainly comprise most, if not all, of the 300 Gobrecht dollars struck in 1839 for placement into circulation. It is not clear, however, whether Reverse Die State b examples constitute the latter portion of that mintage or are among the earliest restrikes of Judd-104.<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;As a later state of Dannreuther Reverse Die State b, a strong argument can be made for attributing this coin as a restrike, as denoted on the PCGS insert. On the other side of the coin (no pun intended!), however, is the presence of light wear and scattered contact marks. While these features could represent mishandling on the part of ea
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