1839 $1 J-107 Res, BN PR (PCGS# 11462)

2010 August Boston, MA Signature & Platinum Night ANA Coin Auction #1143

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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1839 P$1 Name Omitted, Judd-107 Restrike, Pollock-119, R.8, PR66 Brown NGC. Copper. Plain Edge. Stars Obverse, No Stars Reverse. Die Alignment III (head of Liberty opposite the N in ONE). Judd-107 is essentially a Judd-105 struck in copper. While struck in different metals, both the Judd-105 and 107 share the same starless reverse and plain edge. The reverse die cracks are microscopic, but located left of M and extending through MERI terminating to the right of I, connecting the tops of NITED, and through the bottom of LAR. The die spur on the right side of the D in UNITED is also present as well as the depression in the field below and to the right of the F in OF. Several stars on the left side of the obverse are double-punched: star 3 slightly, 5 and 8 (both show considerable rotation). This is the same star repunching as seen on Judd-104s. At the microscopic level there is pimply evidence of die rust, undoubtedly from using a 30-40 year old pair of dies. The die state of this piece is similar to that on the later state 1839 Judd-104 restrikes, Judd-105, and all the other mules. These other starless reverse issues as well as all other Gobrecht mules, also known as the Reverse of 1838, show the same die spur on the right side of the D in UNITED. Judd-64, 87, and 107 all show the same field depression below and to the right of the F in OF, which is believed to be from foreign matter that adhered to the die at the time of striking. This depression is not seen on any silver Gobrecht dollars, and its presence on these three copper issues suggests a common striking period for them. There is an interesting annotation in Samuel Chapman's copy of Adams-Woodin as quoted in the Champa II Sale (Bowers and Merena, 3/1995). Next to AW61-63 Chapman noted, "Mules by the Snowden-Thatcher (?) gang 1874-1880." This is the equivalent of AW-87, but the point is still taken that mules (generally speaking and not just limited to those dated 1838) were struck in this 1874-1880 time frame
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