1793 Chain 1C AMERI., BN MS (PCGS# 1340)

The March 2012 Baltimore Auction

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    Stack's Bowers
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Lot Description
1793 Chain Cent. S-1. Rarity-4. Noyes Die State A. AMERI. Good-4 (PCGS). OGH. Deep golden tan surfaces show even wear&nbsp;with the legends and date barely discernible -- weak but there nonetheless; the reverse chain is bold in detail as typically seen, even on specimens of far lower grade than the present piece. Natural obverse planchet flaws, as struck, can be seen at 12 o'clock on the rim, others less obvious above and to the left of the date, with other faint fissuring seen on the reverse under low magnification. Uniformly microgranular in places throughout, but all things considered, still a highly collectable example of the type.&nbsp;It seems our nation's first cent coinage was not well received, hence the numerous types coined in 1793. As pointed out in Breen's 1988 <em>Encyclopedia,</em>&nbsp;the March 18, 1793&nbsp;edition of Philadelphia's<em>&nbsp;The Mail, or Claypoole's Daily Advertiser</em> ran an article about the new cents that read in part: "The American cents...do not answer our expectations. The chain on the reverse is but a bad omen for liberty, and Liberty herself appears to be in a fright." If the writer of that piece had a crystal ball and could have looked into the future, he would have seen a coin that has become a cherished American numismatic icon. A more than suitable filler example of this stalwart of the large cent discipline.
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