1793 Chain 1C AMERICA, BN MS (PCGS# 1341)

The March 2012 Baltimore Auction

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Lot Description
1793 Chain Cent. S-3. Rarity-3-. AMERICA. No Periods. VF-25 (PCGS). Medium chestnut brown surfaces with medium golden tan high points. Surfaces have many little ticks and marks, giving PCGS the reason for designating it as VF-25 and not higher. Study our Internet pictures carefully and you can determine everything.&nbsp;The devices on both sides represent the grade admirably. Further, the color is seemingly original in nature and not enhanced or adjusted to our eye. As noted, examine the illustrations carefully and then bid accordingly. This is one of the most popular of American coin types. <br /> <br /> <strong>Numismatic Reflections by Q. David Bowers</strong><br /> Cents dated 1793 are very special in American numismatics -- even to the extent in which one prominent numismatist, Jim Nieswinter, has concentrated on this date alone, to the benefit of members of the Early American Coppers group, with whom he has shared his findings. The present 1793 cent has some marks and so on as described, but of all 1793 cents of the three major types, the vast majority have marks of one sort or another. That said, the present coin is attractive in a number of aspects.
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