1793 Chain 1C AMERICA, BN MS (PCGS# 1341)

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Lot Description
1793 Chain Cent. S-2. Rarity-4+. Breen Die State II. AMERICA. No Periods. MS-65 BN (PCGS). CAC. <strong>Die Variety:&nbsp;</strong>An easily identifiable die marriage of the first year 1793 Chain cent, Sheldon-2 combines the wide date obverse with the AMERICA reverse of the issue. Indeed, the digits in the date are markedly wider on this obverse than on any other used to strike Chain cents, with the most space between the digits 7 and 9. This obverse was also used to strike examples of the S-1 Chain AMERI. variety, the very first federal cent. On the present coin the digit 3 in the date is clearly recut at the bottom of the lower curve. This feature is not described for either the S-1 or S-2 die marriages in any large cent reference with which we are aware (including <em>United States Large Cents: 1793-1814 </em>by William C. Noyes, 1991, and <em>Walter Breen's Encyclopedia of of Early United States Cents: 1793-1814</em>, 2000). We have also never seen recutting on the digit 3 on any other S-1 or S-2 Chain cent, and the presence of this recutting suggests that the obverse die may have been lightly retouched before this coin was struck, or else it confirms the exceptionally sharp strike that characterizes this piece.<br /> <br /> The reverse die of the S-2 variety was also used to strike Chain cents of the S-3, S-4 and NC.1 varieties (i.e., all other die varieties of the issue except the aforementioned S-1 AMERI. variety). The presentation of the word AMERICA in full is the most readily identifiable diagnostic of this reverse die.<br /> <br /> <strong>Die State: </strong>Breen Die State II exhibits a slight bulge in the lower obverse field at the base of the digits 793 in the date. There are also faint clashmarks from the reverse chain links in the field before Liberty's profile and below the truncation of the neck.<br /> <br /> <strong>Strike:&nbsp;</strong>Both sides of this coin are exceptionally sharp in strike by the standards of both the early United States Min
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