1793 1C Liberty Cap, BN MS (PCGS# 1359)

The Walter J. Husak Collection

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Lot Description
1793 1C Liberty Cap. AU55 PCGS. S-13, B-20, Low R.4. Bland AU50; tied for CC-2. Noyes AU50; tied for CC-2. Photo #20425. Our EAC Grade AU50. Equivalents. Crosby-Levick 10J; Frossard 11.1; Proskey 13; Doughty 14; Crosby 12-L; McGirk 3-B; EAC 20; Encyclopedia 1647; PCGS #1359. Variety. L touches bead, two beads over I. Leaf triplet is positioned below OF. The obverse appears on S-12 and S-13. The reverse appears on S-13, S-14, S-16, and NC-6. Lettered Edge, one leaf. Surfaces. Glossy dark brown surfaces are smooth and free of abrasions, except for a few tiny marks on the obverse. Considerable mint frost remains with exceptional field reflectivity, especially on the obverse. A small patch of darker steel toning surrounds the digit 1 in the date. Die State II. An early State II example with extremely faint evidence of the reverse bulge at NT. Appearances. The obverse is illustrated on the Crosby-Levick plate, in Early American Cents, and in Penny Whimsy. The obverse and reverse are illustrated in The United States Coinage of 1793 by S.S. Crosby and in Noyes (1991 and 2006). Census. A single specimen from the Eliasberg Collection is the only Mint State 1793 Cap cent known. The Husak piece and one or two others are next in the Condition Census. Del Bland and Bill Noyes disagree about the early provenance of this specimen. In his Official Condition Census, Noyes begins the provenance of this piece with “H. Whiteley; B.H. Collins” and makes no mention of its earlier appearance on the Crosby-Levick plate. For this reason, we believe that Bland’s provenance presented below is more accurate. The finest piece in the ANS grades just XF40. Commentary. In Henry Voight and Others Involved in America’s Early Coinage, Karl Moulton reproduced a portrait of Joseph and Sarah Wright with their three children. His belief that Sarah Wright was the model for the Libertas Americana Medal, the 1792 disme, the 1792 quarter, and the 1793 half cent is based on a comparison of the portrait with t
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