1794 1C Head of 1793, BN MS (PCGS# 1362)

The January 2013 Americana Sale

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1794 Liberty Cap Cent. S-18B. Rarity-4. Breen Die State III. Head of 1793. MS-64 BN (PCGS). CAC. <strong>Die Variety:</strong> Sheldon-18 is one of the popular Double Chin varieties of the 1794 Head of 1793 Liberty Cap cent, so named because of pronounced doubling of a certain area of Miss Liberty's face. In this marriage (as opposed to S-19), the obverse is paired with a reverse on which both ribbon ends miss the knot and actually come together between the knot and the bow. S-18B is the Edge of 1794 variety with the point and stem of the leaf after the word DOLLAR on the edge pointing up.<br /> <br /> <strong>Die State:</strong> Breen Die State III was struck after the dies clashed for a second time and were once again repolished. Much of the clashing has been effaced, and a few of the shallower design elements have also been weakened or obliterated, especially some of the leaves in the wreath and the right ribbon end on the reverse.<br /> <br /> <strong>Strike:&nbsp;</strong>The strike is nicely executed with all major devices sharp and the denticles broad and crisp in most areas around the borders. The obverse impression is ever so slightly drawn toward the 12 o'clock position, thus explaining the scant denticulation in that area and the slight softness to the tops of the letters in the word LIBERTY.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <strong>Surfaces:&nbsp;</strong>This is a simply gorgeous example with an otherwise satiny texture that exhibits a modest, yet discernible semi-prooflike quality when the coin is held at direct angles to a good light source. The outward appearance is one of blended tan and orange-brown patina, although once again direct light angles reveal some variation in the form of pale rose and powder blue undertones in isolated areas. There is not so much as a single detracting abrasion or other blemish on either side, leaving it to a pair of small, faint swirls of variegated toning to serve as useful pedigree markers: one just inside the obverse border at 7
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