1794 1C Head of 1793, BN MS (PCGS# 1362)

The Walter J. Husak Collection

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Lot Description
1794 1C Head of ’93. XF45 PCGS. S-17a, B-1a, Low R.5. Bland VF30; tied for CC-3. Noyes VF30; tied for CC-3. Photo #20003. Our EAC Grade VF30. Equivalents. Maris 4 (Tilted 4); Frossard 3; Doughty 22; Hays 4; McGirk 7-B; Ross 3-B; Chapman 4; EAC 1a; Encyclopedia 1648; PCGS #1362. Variety. Head of '93; date is wide and straight. Blundered N in CENT, first cut inverted. The obverse appears on S-17a and NC-4. The reverse appears on S-17a, S-18a, S-18b, and NC-4. Lettered Edge, leaf points down. Each of the Head of 1793 varieties (S-17 through S-20) is known with “a” and “b” subvarieties representing different edge types. The 1793 edge, designated in each case as the “a” subvariety, has the tip and stem of the leaf pointing down in relation to the letters. The 1794 edge, designated as the “b” subvariety, has the tip and stem of the leaf pointing up. Two examples of S-17 are known with the 1794 edge device, designated as NC-4. One of those has a pedigree dating back to the 1930s, but the 1794 edge device was not properly identified until 1950, when C. Douglas Smith owned the coin. Surfaces. The sharpness is possibly five points finer. Smooth medium tan and olive surfaces, with streaks of darker steel on both sides. A small area at the center of the obverse has a slightly higher gloss than the surrounding surface. A minor rim bruise is visible beneath the digit 4 on the obverse and over ES on the reverse. Otherwise, only the usual minute grade-associated handling marks are visible on each side. Die State II. Reported as State II in Breen’s Large Cent Encyclopedia, this piece appears to be intermediate between States II and III. The obverse is cracked from the rim to pole, and weakly from the top of Liberty’s head to the left base of L and a denticle left of that letter. Both sides have prominent clash marks. Appearances. The obverse and reverse are illustrated in Noyes (2006). Del Bland states that the obverse of this piece is illustrated in Morley. Granted, the VF30 coin p
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