1796 1C Draped, Reverse of 1797, BN MS (PCGS# 1407)

The Walter J. Husak Collection

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Lot Description
1796 1C Draped Bust, Reverse of 1797. AU50 PCGS. S-115, B-43, R.3. Bland VF30; CC-3. Noyes VF30; CC-3. Photo #20139. Our EAC Grade VF30. Equivalents. Gilbert 12; McGirk 9J, 9E2; Ross 11H; Clapp-Newcomb 11; EAC 43; Encyclopedia 1697; PCGS #1407. Variety. 96 close with 6 high and leaning left. Reverse of 1797. Fraction bar only over 00. 1 is far left. The obverse appears on S-115 and S-116. The reverse appears on S-113, S-114, and S-115. Surfaces. Chestnut and darker chocolate-brown with a splash of maroon patina from an old corrosion spot at D S on the reverse. A few minor ticks are noted on each side, as expected. The obverse has a tiny edge nick at 8 o’clock. Overall, an attractive and appealing example of the variety. Die State V. An intermediate die state showing a crack curving through the date and minor rim breaks on each side. There is no evidence of the obverse die crack through TY that eventually forms a rim break above those letters. Appearances. The obverse and reverse are illustrated in Noyes (2007). Census. Finest known is XF45 and part of the ANS Collection, with the second best graded XF40 per Bland and VF35 per Noyes. This example is the third finest of the variety, or second finest in collectors’ hands. Commentary. The S-115 die combination is a favorite with specialists, due to a variety of die states including cracks and retained cuds. The variety is just common enough that such a display of die states could be assembled with some patience. Provenance. W.F. Kapp; B. Max Mehl (5/1916), lot 656, $21; David Proskey; Henry C. Hines; Dr. William H. Sheldon (4/1972); R.E. Naftzger, Jr. (2/1992); Eric Streiner; John Whitney (Stack’s, 5/1999), lot 1751, $8,625; Anthony Terranova; Early American Coppers (2001), lot 200, $8,800. Personality. Lodewick Sharp (a.k.a. Ludwick Sharpe or Sedwyck Sharp) was recorded on the October 10, 1795, Mint payroll as a clerk to the chief coiner, maintaining accounts of coins, records of production quantities, and other paperw
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