1799 1C, BN MS (PCGS# 1443)

The January 2013 Americana Sale

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Lot Description
1799 Draped Bust Cent. S-189. Rarity-2+. Breen Die State V. VF-35 (PCGS). CAC. <strong>Die Variety: </strong>There are only three known die marriages of the 1799 Draped Bust cent, and Sheldon-189 is the only one with a "normal" date (as opposed to the 1799/8 overdate for S-188 and NC.1). Each of the three varieties of this issue employ different reverse dies, that used to strike S-189 with the crossbar of the letter F in OF heavy and recut. All examples of S-189 except for those struck from the earliest die state also display a prominent die chip in the field between the letter E in ONE and the letter T in CENT.<br /> <br /> <strong>Die State: </strong>The Cardinal Collection specimen was struck from the penultimate state of the S-189 dies, with a short obverse die crack from the end of Liberty's bust to the adjacent border. The die chip in the reverse field between the words ONE and CENT from earlier die states is still present, as are narrow reverse rim breaks outside the space between the letters OF and AMERICA and outside the letters AM in AMERICA. All known examples of S-189 were struck from misaligned dies, although the later die states IV (late), V and VI exhibit a strong date but soft, weak LIBERTY. For earlier die state examples this situation is reversed with the LIBERTY strong and the date weaker.<br /> <br /> <strong>Strike: </strong>With considerable boldness of detail remaining despite the presence of moderate, even wear, this coin was obviously the recipient of a solid strike in a 1799 S-189 cent. Much of the drapery and most of Liberty's hair curls on the obverse remain sharp, and the reverse is overall bold despite softness of strike to most of the individual leaves in the wreath. As discussed above regarding the die state of this coin, the obverse exhibits a sharp date yet softly defined LIBERTY due to having been struck from misaligned dies. The lower reverse border is also somewhat softly defined in correspondence with the upper obverse where the
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