1804 1C, BN MS (PCGS# 1504)

The January 2013 Americana Sale

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1804 Draped Bust Cent. S-266, the only known dies. Rarity-2. Noyes Die State C, Breen Die State IV. AU-55 (PCGS). CAC--Gold Label. OGH. <strong>Die Variety: </strong>The only known die marriage of the 1804 Draped Bust cent has a blunt 1 in the date and exhibits triple punching at the crosslet of the 4. On the reverse, the fraction 1/100 is large, the bar is long and slender, the denominator is skewed left, and there is a long spine (read: die line) from the end of the leaf before the letter C in CENT that points toward the letter O in ONE.<br /> <br /> <strong>Die State: </strong>Struck from the terminal state of the dies, the Cardinal Collection specimen exhibits prominent cud die breaks at the obverse border outside the letters RTY in LIBERTY and at the reverse border outside the letters MERIC in AMERICA. There are also faint, hardly discernible reverse clash marks in the field around the letter S in STATES and the word OF, as well as below the letter M in AMERICA.<br /> <br /> <strong>Strike: </strong>This coin readily reveals an above average quality of strike in an 1804 cent despite the presence of minor high point rub. The obverse is sharply struck throughout, while the reverse is only a bit less so with minor softness of detail confined to the left (facing) wreath branch and the first few letters in the word STATES.<br /> <br /> <strong>Surfaces: </strong>It is seldom that we encounter an example of the key date 1804 cent with as little evidence of circulation as seen in this remarkable condition rarity from the Cardinal Collection. Not only are the surfaces minimally circulated with just a trace of light rub to isolated high points, in fact, but they are also gently circulated with none but a few tiny, well scattered abrasions present on the obverse. The reverse is overall smooth, and both sides present as such when the coin is examined under normal viewing conditions. Warm medium brown toning blankets both sides, the protected areas around the devices even
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