1804 1C, BN MS (PCGS# 1504)

The Walter J. Husak Collection

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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1804 1C Late Die State. XF45 PCGS. S-266c, B-1, R.2. Noyes VF30; tied for CC-15. Photo #21398. Our EAC Grade VF30. Equivalents. Proskey 1; Doughty 198; McGirk 1A; Clapp 1; EAC 1; Encyclopedia 1760; PCGS #1504. Variety. Triple punched 4. High leaf below left corner of S. The obverse appears on S-266. The reverse appears on S-266. Surfaces. Deep steel-brown on both sides with traces of lighter yellowish-brown, especially on the reverse. A few tiny planchet flakes and other imperfections are evident, but none are serious. Die State IV. Also known as State “c” with the obverse rim break on RTY from the earlier die state, and now also with a reverse break on MERIC. Commentary. More than half of the surviving 1804’s are in this die state, an ideal opportunity for the advanced specialist, or for the date or type collector, the latter who seeks to represent the types with a rare date instead of a common date. Provenance. Herman Halpern (Stack’s, 3/1988), lot 251, $4,675; R.E. Naftzger, Jr. (Early American Coppers, 4/1989), lot 155, $4,000; Robinson S. Brown, Jr. (Superior, 1/1996), lot 366, $5,280. Personality. Herman Halpern, owner of a New York City pub, acquired the Norman Stack Collection of 1794 cents, the Harold Bareford Collection of cents, much of Del Bland’s collection of 1794 cents, and numerous middle-date large cents from C. Douglas Smith. Stack’s sold his duplicate large cents in March 1987 and his main collection of cents a year later.
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