1921-S 5C MS (PCGS# 3948)

2009 CSNS PN

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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1921-S 5C MS66 PCGS. The 1921-S is one of the scarcest Buffalo nickels in all grades, and is especially challenging in Gem and finer levels of preservation. This scarcity is compounded by a number quality control anomalies. Laminations, streaks, and other flaws suggest that many examples were impressed on poorly prepared planchet stock. What's more, many coins show signs of extended die life in the form of sizeable cracks, cuds, and excessive flow lines (David Lange, The Complete Guide to Buffalo Nickels, p. 122). Moreover, the issue tends to come poorly struck. The present MS66 example, on the other hand, reveals no evidence of the aforementioned planchet problems. Interestingly, the die state is late. Apparently, the dies had become extensively clashed, remnants of which can still be seen in the obverse field. Both sides were extensively polished to remove as many of these clashmarks as possible. In so doing, Mint employees left numerous die polish lines that one can see in nearly all field areas of this coin. The innermost feather and the Indian's neck are also attenuated. The design features benefited from a well executed strike. The date and LIBERTY are crisp, as are the reverse letters. The surface preservation is extraordinary, with both sides being free of bothersome abrasions and carbon spots. Magnification brings out soft violet, champagne, and ice-blue coloration, slightly more evident on the reverse. The bright surface exhibit full mint bloom. Population: 8 in 66, 0 finer (3/09). From The Joseph C. Thomas Collection.
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