1795 $1 B-5 BB-27 3 Leaves MS (PCGS# 39977)

Pre-Long Beach

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    Goldberg Auctioneers
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Lot Description
A hint of light toning. This coin is mainly untoned and lustrous throughout both sides with smooth, even surfaces. This is one of the most famous 1795 flowing hair dollars. Liberty's hair ends in six curls, the 3rd and 4th close together; the 4th has a tiny curved "tail" extending downward, and visible on higher grade pieces like this. Lowest curl distant from star. A diagnostic "bar" over 2 mm. long extends diagonally from close to top curl toward point of 5th star. Look for the "bar" near uppermost curl on BB-27. It is quite distinctive.<BR><BR>The reverse of BB-27 is from a die with three leaves under each wing, and 13 berries, seven on left branch, six on right. There are two berries under the first T in STATES, one on inside and one on outside of wreath, and four leaves below first S of STATES. A later state of this die was used to coin BB-25 and BB-26).<BR><BR>1795 BB-27 is by far the most plentiful variety of 1795 flowing hair silver dollar. A couple thousand or more exist, according to the Bowers gude of silver dollars: "I estimate the population to be 2,500 to 3,500 in all grades combined." Pop 7; 11 finer at NGC for this variety.</B> <BR>Estimated Value $14,000 - 15,000.
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