1795 $1 B-15 BB-52 Dr Bust MS (PCGS# 39995)

Pre-Long Beach

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    Ira & Larry Goldberg
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Lot Description
Rarity 2. PCGS graded AU-50.</B> Mildly variegated toning whose color ranges from light silvery around the stars, date, legends and devices to uniform smoke-gray with deeper grays, the underlying surface being exceptionally smooth and mark-free. The choice quality of the coin points directly to our consignor's intense interest in "cherry picking" only the most attractive Bust Dollars for his collection -- and it shows! What's more, PCGS has graded a relatively few examples of the BB-52 Centered Draped Bust Type in upper echelons: Pop 1; 3 finer; 1 in 55; 2 in 58. Only 8 examples graded for the variety at PCGS.(PCGS # 39995) </B>. <BR><BR>BB-52 is considerably rarer than BB-51 in AU and Mint State categories. The population of 1795 BB-52 is, perhaps, about two-thirds that of BB-51, but this means that enough exist that just about any motivated collector can, given a reasonable amount of careful searching, obtain one. As is the case with BB-51, most specimens of BB-52 are in the middle circulated grades. Lower grade coins are seldom seen, and pieces in above Extremely Fine 40 are rare as well.<BR><BR>As in the present instance, most examples are reasonably well centered, with sharp details in all areas. Adjustment marks are seen much less often on specimens of BB-52, probably because the striking was better.<BR><BR>It is interesting to note that the obverse die for BB-51, thought to have been struck in larger quantities than BB-52, is known only in a perfect state, while the BB-52 deteriorated almost from the time it was first used. A noticeable die break occurs in Liberty's hair. Similarly, the reverse used to coin the more plentiful BB-51 was not damaged in the process, and went on to be mated in later years with five other obverses; in contrast, the reverse die of BB-52 developed cracks. The difference in durability undoubtedly was caused by better hardening or tempering of the steel in the BB-51 dies. <BR>Estimated Value $14,000 - 15,000. <I><BR>Ex; Hesselgesser
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