1795 $1 B-14 BB-51 O/C Dr Bust MS (PCGS# 39996)

Pre-Long Beach

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    Ira & Larry Goldberg
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Lot Description
Light silver toning with a hint of gold here and there. Some luster still evident, but best of all is the smooth state of the fields and devices, which are free of the usual hack marks and pits. Moreover, the devices are in excellent shape, finely detailed down to the smallest element in Liberty's hair curls. Pop 7; 2 in 58; 1 in 61; 1 in 62.</B><BR><BR>This year introduces a new bust of Liberty facing right, the hair tied up in a ribbon at back. The bust was not properly centered in the die work on BB-51, being set too far to the left. The highest wave of the hair is under the B of Liberty. Lowest curl is distant from 1 in 1795. Star 1 touches curl. This obverse die was used to strike 1795 BB-51 only.<BR><BR>Also introduced in combination with the draped bust is a reformulated small eagle, differently styled than on any of the preceding varieties. The letters in the legend are small; the eagle stands on clouds. Around is a wreath composed of a palm branch (right) and olive branch (left), the latter with seven berries. A short, prominent die scratch extends up to left from tip of right, inside leaf below (observer's) left wing. Berry under A of STATES; a quick way to identify this reverse. This reverse die is one of the more remarkable ones as it survived a long time as indicated by the pairing with these obverses: 1795 BB-51; 1796 BB-62, BB-63, and BB-66; 1797 BB-72; and 1798 BB-81. <BR>Estimated Value $13,000 - 15,000.
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