1796 $1 B-2 BB-63 Sm Dt Sm Lt MS (PCGS# 39998)

Pre-Long Beach

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    Ira & Larry Goldberg
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Lot Description
In a new NGC 4 pronged holder. Light gold toning with reflective surfaces. An exceptionally beautiful example with extensive luster on its smooth medium gray surfaces. Evenly toned in pleasing old-silver color with lighter shades on the topmost, mainly frosty design. Spot-free and nothing noteworthy to find with a glass other than for a thin hairline from Liberty's chin out towards a star, with another, smaller hairline extending back from the hair ribbon. Struck a shade off-center, yet most of the rim dentils are displayed, with those at the lower obverse particularly long. Uneven or missing dentils are the bane of many early draped bust dollars. The reverse shows similar alignment on the planchet. This piece is very nicely struck on all key areas including centers, including crisp eagle feathers that put other small eagle competitors to shame!<BR><BR>BB-63 is one of three varieties with the small-date obverse and small-letters reverse. On the obverse, the date numerals are in a small font, evenly spaced, and Liberty's curl touches one point of star one. The reverse legend "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," is in the small lettering font as well, a re-use of the small-letters die first employed in 1795. Pop 1; finest graded at either service.</B> <BR>Estimated Value $25,000 - 30,000. <I><BR>The Mark Gordon Collection.</I>
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