1796 $1 B-4 BB-61 Sm Dt Lg Lt MS (PCGS# 40000)

Pre-Long Beach

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    Goldberg Auctioneers
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Lot Description
Very attractive even original toning on both sides with rich shades of "old silver" and golden brown dancing a minuette around the iridescent splashes of blue. The reverse is a little lighter, but both sides are charmingly original, and all devices are very nicely impressed by the dies. A few light adjustment lines in the hair and neck, but otherwise the surface is extremely clean for this very difficult small eagle Type. Pop 3; 5 finer for the variety at NGC.</B> <BR><BR>Bowers reports: "The 1796 BB-61 dollar is the most common variety of the year. An estimated 1,250 to 2,000 specimens exist. Most are in middle circulated grades, with VF being the median. EF coins turn up with regularity in dealers' stocks and auctions and make a nice "type" coin. In AU or better grade 1796 BB-61 is very rare. A few prooflike specimens exist, possibly made as presentation coins (cf. Walter H. Breen's Proof coins Encyclopedia, p. 35, where he states that he saw two pieces earlier, and "would like to see the pieces again to verify that they have the quality of surface and striking characteristic of actual presentation pieces of the period"). I am not aware of any special occasion in 1796 which would have called for prooflike silver dollars." <BR>Estimated Value $10,000 - 12,000.
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