1797 $1 B-1 BB-73 9X7 Lg Lt MS (PCGS# 40003)

Pre-Long Beach

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    Ira & Larry Goldberg
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Lot Description
Rarity 3. PCGS graded EF-40.</B> Well detailed for this more BB-73 variety, a low survival variety, with soft golden-brown to dappled steel accents that improve the appeal of this nearly EF45 specimen. The rims, the fields, the devices, on both sides are problem free. The appeal of this coin is its 9x7 star arrangement along with Large Letters in the reverse legend. <BR><BR>The 1797 BB-73 dollar is usually seen with broad borders, a feature particularly noticeable on the obverse, where the dentils are prominently featured, but also to an extent on the reverse. The reverse is usually not as well defined as the obverse, due to the relatively low relief of the small-eagle motif. However, the breast feathers and other reverse details are usually there in higher grade specimens of earlier die states. Together with BB-71, the BB-73 is one of the two most available varieties of the year; both BB-73 and BB-71 are much more plentiful than BB-72. Pop 1; 8 finer; 3 in 45; 4 in 55; 1 in 58. Only 11 examples graded for the variety at PCGS.(PCGS # 40003) </B>. <BR><BR>A note to buyers of Draped Bust, Small Eagle coins, when Jim Ruddy was assembling the 5,000+ photographs he need to produce "Photograde", the official grading guide, back in the late-1960s and early 1970s, he commented time and again to all his friends in the business just how troublesome it was to find attractive, photogenic examples of this short-lived style used on everything from half dimes all the way through silver dollars. To this day, it is our observation as well that the Draped Bust, Small Eagle coins are consistently the most difficult to acquire in choice, problem-free condition. So take heart at the extensive advantage of the Dr. Hesselgesser collection. <BR>Estimated Value $9,000 - 10,000. <I><BR>Ex; Hesselgesser Collection.</I>
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