1799 $1 B-13 BB-151 Irreg Date 13 Stars MS (PCGS# 40044)

Pre-Long Beach

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    Ira & Larry Goldberg
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Lot Description
BB-151. Nicely struck on a problem-free planchet with light greyish-violet toning and light golden highlights. Irregular date, per traditional nomenclature, although the "irregular" feature is more notable in the telling than in the seeing. Both 9s are improperly placed, the first is tipped too far to left at top, the last 9 too far to right at top. It has been suggested by Walter H. Breen that a Draped Bust obverse die was made in 1798, but with date incomplete and as 179 only; later to be finished by adding another 9 in 1799. A ray of star 13 touches bust. On the reverse, there is a die "dot" (rust) above E in STATES, and die flaws inside upper part of same letter. Pop 3; 15 finer.(PCGS # 6880) </B>. <BR>Estimated Value $3,000 - 3,300.
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