1799 $1 B-15 BB-152 Irreg Date 13 Stars MS (PCGS# 40045)

The March 2013 Baltimore Auction

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Lot Description
1799 Draped Bust Silver Dollar. B-15a, BB-152. Rarity-3. BB Die State IV. Irregular Date, 13-Star Reverse. AU-53 (NGC). This is one of the later die state examples of this variety, with minor die cracks on both the obverse and reverse. Toned with light golden-gray and showing residual luster in the recesses of the design elements. Smooth surface quality throughout and attractive for the numismatist. Notice that the reverse has the old style "star cross" or lined pattern arrangement in the stars over the eagle's head. While this style is closer to that seen on the Great Seal of the United States, these straight lines did not lend themselves well to the Heraldic Eagle coin reverses dies. Several 1798 dies have the stars arranged in straight lines, but soon the star pattern was changed to use an arc instead, which fit well beneath the arc of clouds. Numismatic study has confirmed that the reverse die used to coin this variety was first used in 1798, but was employed to strike coins in 1799 as well. For quick identification note the end of the reverse stem extends down to the rim from die wear. The obverse die is also shattered with several thin peripheral cracks, but continued use on the B-4, BB-153 variety where the obverse cracks grew much worse and the die was replaced.
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