1799 $1 B-4 BB-153 15 Stars Irregular Date MS (PCGS# 40062)

The August 2011 Chicago ANA World's Fair of Money Auction

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Lot Description
1799 Draped Bust Silver Dollar. B-4, BB-153. Rarity-4. Bowers Die State II. Irregular Date, 15-Star Reverse. VF-35 (NGC). Bright silver-gray in color and a coin for the specialist or collector who wants a little something more than average. This is a favorite variety of mine (Jim Matthews) as the obverse has the bold overdate feature of the 9 over a previous 8, and the reverse has 15 stars, a blunder caught by the engraver, who instead of ignoring the extra two stars simply extended the <em>clouds</em> down to cover over the offensive two stars, much as if the clouds had moved in on a star filled night and blocked the twinkling view. Points of the extra stars peek out from beneath the clouds, and thus give away the deed. Decent surfaces for this variety, no surface problems, although the obverse die is completely shattered by the time this planchet came through the process, with multiple fine cracks and clashing evident. Minor softness on the central reverse from the die state.
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