1909-S 10C MS (PCGS# 4853)

ANA07 Platinum Night

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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1909-S 10C MS66 PCGS. With a mintage of exactly 1 million pieces, the 1909-S is the demarcation point for the Barber dime issues with lower emissions--those in the six-figure range. Excluding the near-inaccessible 1894-S ultra-rarity, there are 13 Barber dime issues with mintages below 1 million coins. They fall generally into two categories, with a couple of flukes besides. The first and largest group is S-mint semikeys: From smallest to largest emissions they include the 1913-S, 1896-S, 1901-S, 1903-S, 1904-S, 1915-S, and 1892-S. Mintages range from 510,000 coins for the 1913-S to 990,000 pieces for the 1892-S. The second group of low-mintage coins comprises the O-mint rarities, in order of mintage (smallest to largest) including the 1895-O, 1896-O, 1897-O, and 1894-O. Their mintage ranging from 440,000 pieces for 1895-O to 720,000 for 1894-O. The two "fluke," largely forgotten low-mintage issues are the 1895 Philadelphia, at 690,000 pieces, and the 1909-D, at 954,000 examples. The 1909-S, as previously stated, is the next-lowest-mintage issue. This piece is sure to make the heart of any Barber dime aficionado pump a bit faster, offering delectable and delicate patination on each side in shades of pale yellow, mint-green, copper-orange, and ice-blue with tremendous luster bursting forth. Careful perusal under a loupe reveals not even the slightest distraction, and the strike is as sharp as could be desired. This piece is one of only 12 to attain so high a grade at NGC and PCGS combined, with none finer at either service (5/07). It is the equal of the MS66 PCGS-graded piece in the fabulous John C. Hugon Collection that we auctioned in 2004, both in technical grade and aesthetically, with a similar but more intense color palette (and definitely a different coin). Population: 9 in 66, 0 finer (4/07). From The Belle Glade Collection, Part Two.
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