1872-S 25C MS (PCGS# 5483)


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1872-S Seated Liberty Quarter. Briggs 1-A, the only known dies. MS-63 (NGC). Although not widely recognized as such outside of the circle of Seated Liberty coinage specialists, the 1872-S is the rarest San Francisco Mint issue among quarters of this type. This is due to the intersection of three factors that conspired to preclude a large number of examples surviving to the present day. First and foremost, few examples of the 1872-S were produced to begin with, the mintage a scant 83,000 pieces. Second, many of those coins probably never left the Mint, but instead were melted to provide bullion for the new revised silver coinage authorized by the Mint Act of February 12, 1873. Finally, the vast majority of coins that did escape destruction in the Mint circulated until worn out or lost. As such, even low grade pieces are very elusive in today's market. Uncs merit a Rarity-7 rating per Seated quarter specialist Larry Briggs (1991), and the delightful Choice example that we are offering in this lot is certainly among the finest known.<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Alternating between silver-white brilliance and light pale-gold iridescence as they rotate under a light, the surfaces on both sides of this piece readily reveal a razor sharp strike at all angles. Satiny luster is suitably vibrant for the grade, and we note only a few wispy handling marks that do little more than help define the grade. Superior technical quality and eye appeal for this extremely challenging issue, and a coin that would serve as a centerpiece in the finest Seated quarter set. Important pedigree!<br /> <br /> <strong>Numismatic Reflections by Q. David Bowers<br /> </strong>Here is another nice &ldquo;old friend&rdquo; from the Eliasberg Collection, a dandy coin that will delight the successful bidder, perhaps you. And, what a fine pedigree it has. Do you know about Harlan P. Smith? If not, you might want to do a bit of research. The capstone of his career was his offering with David Proskey in
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