1783 Shilng Chalmers, Long Worm MS (PCGS# 595)


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Lot Description
1783 John Chalmers Shilling. W-1790. URS-9. Long Worm. MS-62 (PCGS). CAC. PCGS has mounted this coin with the reverse up in the holder. This type is usually encountered well worn or otherwise with areas of weakness to the design. Not so the present example. Not only is the coin boldly detailed from a well executed and well balanced strike, but it is free of actual wear to fully justify the Mint State rating from PCGS. The final point is particularly significant, as it establishes this coin as the only Mint State John Chalmers shilling of any variety currently certified at PCGS. (The original notes from Don Taxay that accompany this lot are indeed correct when he describes this coin as the, "Finest collectible specimen.") The only other Mint State Chalmers shilling certified, in fact, is an NGC MS-63 of the Short Worm W-1785 variety. Lovely golden-apricot iridescence to both sides, the surfaces remarkably smooth as far as distracting abrasions are concerned.&nbsp;A few minor planchet cracks (as made) are noted for the obverse, but only for accuracy's sake, the same also applying to our mention of a slightly off center strike. Almost certainly&nbsp;a once in a lifetime bidding opportunity for the advanced type collector or Colonial/early Federal era coinage specialist. <br /> <strong><br /> Numismatic Reflections by Q. David Bowers <br /> </strong>What an incredible example this is, indeed possibly the <em>finest collectable specimen</em> of this variety. The design is very appealing and shows two birds, presumably in the early morning, competing for the possession of what seems to be a <em>snake</em>, but called a <em>worm </em>in numismatic literature. Such pieces were used extensively in circulation, and today even an AU coin would represent a marvelous opportunity. This Mint State piece is beyond comparison. See how it runs when it crosses the auction block. <br /> <br /> <iframe width="560" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/QAz8Mq-64RY" frameborder="
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