1807 50C Small Stars MS (PCGS# 6087)

The June 2012 Baltimore Auction

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Lot Description
1807 Capped Bust Half Dollar. O-113a. Rarity-3. Small Stars. MS-61 (NGC). An important type coin and the first year of issue of the new Capped Bust style. Furthermore, there are very few Mint State examples that survived, as most of these entered circulation and stayed there. The present coin boasts rich rose-gold and russet toning around the rims with the centers and fields an attractive blend of lilac and gold. The strike is better than average although minor softness is noted on the eagle's wing, as nearly always seen on these. Thin die cracks through the stars and free of all but minor signs of bag handling. One of the top ten known for this variety.<br /> <br /> <strong>Numismatic Reflections by Q. David Bowers<br /> </strong>Whether to mention "minor softness" is a matter of debate, as all 1807 half dollars of this variety are this way. In addition, pictures tell all. When seen, the 1807 Capped Bust half dollar (speaking generally of the date and not the specific variety, although it applies here) is usually in worn grades, VF and EF being typical. AU pieces are found now and again, and true Mint State coins are in the distinct minority, probably fewer than one out of 50 or one out of 100 in the marketplace.
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