1919-D 50C MS (PCGS# 6578)

The June 2011 Baltimore Auction

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1919-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar. MS-63 (PCGS). CAC. The end of hostilities in World War One with the signing of the November 11, 1918 armistice between Germany and the Allied powers led almost immediately to a sharp contraction in the United States' economy. No longer having to serve as the arsenal of democracy for the Allied cause (a role, incidentally, that the country would find itself filling again in the Second World War), the&nbsp;post war nation saw a loss of jobs in the armaments industry and falling prices in several sectors. In keeping with this new economic climate, the United States Mint struck far fewer silver coins in 1919 than it had during the economic boom years of the Great War. In the specific case of the 1919-D&nbsp;half dollar, the mintage amounted to just 1.1 million pieces (as compared to the 3.8 million piece delivery achieved for the 1918-D). Long recognized as a key date coin in the Walking Liberty series, the 1919-D can only be considered common in the lowest circulated grades. High grade&nbsp;"circs" and very scarce and eagerly sought, while in Mint State this issue is the third rarest of 65 business strike Walking Liberty half dollar deliveries (per Jeff Ambio, <em>Collecting & Investing Strategies for Walking Liberty Half Dollars</em>, 2008).<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;In addition to being an absolute and condition rarity, the 1919-D is also an important strike rarity.&nbsp;Most Mint State survivors are bluntly defined&nbsp;in and around the centers on both sides, as well as over Liberty's head on the obverse. The present example is significant, therefore, not only because it is a fully Choice example of the issue, but also because of the uncommon boldness of detail evident in the centers. Indeed, the centers are actually sharply impressed by the standards of the issue, and the only mentionable lack of detail is confined to Liberty's head (which always seems to be softly struck on examples of this issue). Overall smooth, if not qu
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