1794 $1 MS (PCGS# 6851)

The August 2013 Chicago ANA World's Fair of Money

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    Stack's Bowers
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Lot Description
1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar. B-1, BB-1, the only known dies. Rarity-4. BB Die State III. VF-35 (PCGS). Secure Holder. This is an American classic and one of the bluest of the blue chip coins known today. The original mintage of 1,758 pieces for the year has been reduced by time and attrition to perhaps 135 to 150 today. Occasionally one turns up from an unusual source, but not many recently. This example has been held in well known collections since it was first sold in the Bushnell Collection in 1882 and has a solid provenance since that time. All 1794 silver dollars have been in strong demand for generations, as they truly are our first "dollar" coin, and were struck in very limited quantities. <br /> <br /> The color is deep silver-gray and generally even save for a few mottled areas around the rims. Although a later die state, the strike is sharper than usually seen, especially on the left hand stars, with each well outlined by that die. On the area opposite in the reverse legend, there is minor softness at the tops of some of the letters, but again most of these show. Free of any heavy rim marks or similar issues. Close examination will find traces of adjustment marks on the reverse rim, but these are lighter than usually seen. There is a short scratch on Liberty's forehead which hallmarks this particular coin well.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> The 1794 dollar is the very definition of an American classic. On its own it has been the subject of study by Jack Collins and Martin Logies, not to overlook articles, mentions, and more. Indeed, a reprinting of auction catalog and magazine articles on the 1794 dollar from the inception of the popular American numismatics i the late 1850s down to the present day would represent a large volume. The present coin is ideal for the vast majority of intending buyers. It is a very nice example in a medium grade, and one that will not cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to own. Contemplate it carefully and at the same time consider
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