1794 $1 MS (PCGS# 6851)

2009 CSNS PN

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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1794 $1 AU55 NGC. B-1, BB-1, R.4. The McCoy Collection Specimen. With a continuous provenance dating back to 1864, this piece is one of the most historic 1794 silver dollars among the 135 or so pieces currently known. Martin A. Logies compiled a significant study of 1794 silver dollars, The Flowing Hair Silver Dollars of 1794, published in 2004. He recorded provenance details and additional information about 125 different specimens, with nearly all illustrated. Years earlier, the late Jack Collins spent 25 years studying the 1794 silver dollars, and his work resulted in an unpublished manuscript, 1794 The History and Genealogy of the First United States Dollar. Only Collins' untimely death prevented publication of the nearly complete manuscript. Collins recorded details of about 117 different 1794 silver dollars in his manuscript. Combining the two references and adding a couple of specimens, we now have an accounting of 132 different 1794 dollars, including this coin, which we consider the 10th finest. Based on the current provenance record, the present specimen was only the third 1794 dollar to appear on the numismatic scene. The British Museum owns an example that dates to 1818, and a second example appeared in an 1863 W. Elliot Woodward Sale. Two coins from the St. Oswald sale of 1964 reportedly date to the time they were minted, although such a provenance is unfounded. The provenance reads like a numismatic Who's Who, beginning with John F. McCoy, a collector known for his excellent cabinet of Colonial coins and large cents. The buyer at the 1864 Woodward sale of the McCoy Collection was Joseph Zanoni, whose collection Edward Cogan sold in April 1867. James Ten Eyck of Albany, New York, and Mortimer Livingston Mackenzie were subsequent owners. Mackenzie, of New York City, was best known for his large cent collection, and he provided access to certain 1793 varieties for the famous Levick plate published in the 1869 American Journal of Numismatics. Edward Cogan's
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