1795 $1 3 Leaves MS (PCGS# 6852)

2010 January Orlando, FL FUN US Coin Auction #1136

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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1795 $1 Flowing Hair, Three Leaves MS62 PCGS. B-5, BB-27, R.1. Only 1,758 silver dollars were minted in 1794, due to inadequate facilities for coining such large silver coins. A larger screw press had to be designed to provide sufficient striking pressure to fully bring up the design details. Once the new press was installed, Mint officials felt they had to make up for lost time. Accordingly, a large mintage of 160,295 Flowing Hair dollars was achieved by October, followed by 42,738 more dollars of the Draped Bust type before year's end. A total of 17 different die marriages are known for 1795, with 15 Flowing Hair varieties and two of the Draped Bust design. The coin offered here is a representative of the BB-27 variety, characterized by the presence of a 2 mm "bar" near the uppermost curl, pointing diagonally to star 5. The popular BB-27 variety is the most available die marriage of the Flowing Hair type. Type collectors compete avidly with series specialists to obtain an example of this early dollar issue. Knowledge of early dollar die varieties was widespread after John W. Haseltine published his Type Table in 1881. Although catalogers did not always attribute early dollars by Haseltine numbers, many made some effort to differentiate between the more obvious varieties. An interesting example of BB-27 was described in lot 2678 of the George Earle Collection (Henry Chapman, 6/1912): {blockquote}"1795 Head in center of field. Curl free of stars. Small cut in the die back of the head. Small scratch before eagle. Three leaves under each wing of eagle. Uncirculated. Brilliant mint lustre. Milling around edge not struck up on half of the circumference; also shows some of the planchet file marks. Very rare in such a mint condition. Plate."{/blockquote} Chapman was correct about the issue's rarity in Mint State. The date is rare at the MS62 level, as PCGS has certified only four coins in this grade, with 11 finer (11/09). The present coin is deeply toned in shades of ste
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