1795 $1 2 Leaves MS (PCGS# 6853)

2008 December Houston, TX Signature Coin Auction #1118

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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1795 $1 Flowing Hair, Two Leaves MS61 NGC. B-1, BB-21, R.2. The blundered obverse has the 7 in the date recut over an errant 1. This is the second most plentiful 1795 silver dollar variety known, behind the B-5, BB-27 die combination. Probably 70% or more of all 1795 Flowing Hair dollars are one of those two varieties. Given the number surviving today, the original mintage necessarily must have been substantial, but all observed examples seem to be from perfect dies. For example, careful examination of this piece fails to reveal any clash marks, die cracks, lapping, or other die imperfections. That leads to the natural question: why was use of the die discontinued? At the time, dies were normally used until they became so damaged that they could not remain in the press any longer. In some cases, dies were still used even after that became unserviceable, if no replacement dies were available. The present specimen is a remarkable Mint State example with a sharp and well centered impression. Both sides are fully lustrous with light silver surfaces and splashes of rose-brown toning. The surfaces are pleasing overall, exhibiting only slight abrasions that are consistent with the grade. We conservatively estimate that about 1,000 examples of this variety still exist, but probably only six or seven are known in the various Mint State grades. This extraordinary piece will clearly please the specialist or the connoisseur.
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