1795 $1 2 Leaves MS (PCGS# 6853)

2009 CSNS PN

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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1795 $1 Flowing Hair, Two Leaves MS65 NGC. B-1, BB-21, R.1. One of the finest known of this date and type. A remarkable coin that any numismatist will appreciate for the lustrous fields and exceptional surfaces. The strike is fairly sharp for this variety, although we note some softness on the upper curls of Liberty and on the eagle's breast feathers. There are no disturbing adjustment marks or nicks worthy of note, and it is simply amazing that any Flowing Hair silver dollar could still look this nice after 214 years. We note light gold over most of the surfaces, with darker flecks of gold adhering to the devices which seems to set them off from the brilliant fields. Both dies show minor clash marks in the fields, with the eagle's wings are evident on the obverse, and portions of Liberty's curls are found left of the eagle's breast. Darker gold hues are found on the high points of the design, and these also give the present example a regal appearance. The centering is virtually perfect, and the quality of manufacture is simply as good as one could hope to find in a Flowing Hair dollar. Recall that the new dollar coining press was set up in 1795, and the current flowing hair design required more press power than was available to really bring up all the finer details of these dies. Late in 1795 the designs of the coins were changed, not because of the striking issues, but because people didn't like the flowing hair rendering of Liberty. The design change was authorized and the Philadelphia Mint engaged the famous portrait artist Gilbert Stuart to redesign the silver dollar. Stuart's drawings of Liberty are thought to have come from a portrait of Ann Willing, a Philadelphia socialite, and one of the most beautiful women in that city. Liberty was given a hair ribbon to tie some of her hair behind her head, and draped in a lovely gown. The eagle on the reverse was framed within a wreath of palm and olive branches, and given a smaller, more compact appearance. These new
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