1795 $1 B-11 BB-12 2 Leaves MS (PCGS# 6853)

FUN07 Volume #2

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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1795 $1 Flowing Hair, Two Leaves VF25 PCGS. B-11, BB-12, R.7. Fourth curl wraps down to third; double tail berry, three berries below AME. Die State I, perfect dies as always seen. Somewhat weakly defined on the right side as usual. The surfaces are medium gray with considerable darker steel toning and hints of brown color on each side. This example has a thin scratch in the right obverse field from the tip of Liberty's nose, and a few other wispy scratches on that side. A small circular mark on the neck is reminiscent of the plugged planchets found on certain 1795 silver dollars, although we agree with the assessment in the Goldberg sale that this is not actually a plugged planchet. The mark is too small and there is no trace of a plug on the reverse; there are no reported silver-plugged dollars of this variety. In his Silver Dollar Encyclopedia, Dave Bowers estimated a surviving population of 20 to 35 coins, although the true number known is probably only about seven or eight pieces. This variety has been known for many years, and was called "excessively rare" by Capt. J.W. Haseltine in his 1881 Type Table. His coin was described as "Good" with scratches in the field, suggesting that it may be this coin. Grading standards have changed over the years, and the present specimen may be similar to the quality called "Good" over a century ago. When Jim Matthews cataloged this coin as part of the San Marino Collection for Goldberg Coins in September 2002, he provided an abbreviated Census of seven coins, including one coin that was not plated in the auction catalog, and not seen since it was offered in 1979. For the variety specialist who has been seeking an example of this extremely rare die marriage, the present opportunity may not be repeated for many years. The following Census is modified from that presented in 2002: 1. XF40. Wyatt Collection (Superior); W.K. Raymond; Woody Blevins (Superior, 6/1988), lot 3593; "Yolanda Gross Collection." 2. XF45 ICG. H. Rolland Wil
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