1795 $1 2 Leaves MS (PCGS# 6853)

Queller Family Collection of Silver Dollars

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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1795 $1 Flowing Hair, Two Leaves MS61 NGC. B-10, BB-22, High R.6 or Low R.7. Die State I. The date is blundered with a 7 punched over an errant 1; "1795 over 1195." The obverse die was used to coin B-1, 10, and 16 The right branch has one berry beneath the tail feathers, and one berry beneath the C in AMERICA, a combination that is diagnostic. Few examples of B-10 have been seen or identified in past auction catalogs over the years, and when they do make an appearance, the grade is likely to be Very Fine or lower. This piece is the finest example of the die marriage, and the only piece that grades better than XF, to the best of our knowledge. Only about a dozen examples of B-10 are known, including this Mint State specimen, two XF examples, and a handful of Fine or VF coins. The obverse is perfect with the blundered date details still readily visible, and no evidence of lapping, clash marks, or die cracks. The reverse is also free of clash marks or die cracks, but some fragmented leaves suggest the die may have been lapped, possibly before it was put in the press for the first time. Both sides have exceptional gray-gold surfaces with deeper blue and steel toning at the peripheries. The underlying surfaces are prooflike and free of any distractions, other than the usual tiny surface ticks that tend to gather over two centuries, even with the best care. All design elements are boldly detailed with excellent centering and full, wide borders on both sides. Ex: H.O. Granberg; F.C.C. Boyd ("World's Greatest Collection," Numismatic Gallery, 1/1945), lot 12; 1949 ANA (Numismatic Gallery, 8/1949), lot 146; Harold Bareford (Stack's, 10/1981), lot 404; Stack's (400th Sale, 1988), lot 1166; David Queller. From The Queller Family Collection of Silver Dollars.
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