1795 $1 B-4 BB-14 2 Leaves MS (PCGS# 6853)

2008 May Long Beach, CA Signature Auction #1108

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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1795 $1 Flowing Hair, Two Leaves, B-4, BB-14, R.3 AU50 NGC. This variety is distinguished by the fact that obverse star 15 is entirely under the tip of Liberty's bust, where she cannot "see" even a part of it; thus it bears the nickname: "Hidden Star Obverse." The 9 and 5 in the date are lightly repunched. As also noted by Bowers (1993), in his silver dollar Encyclopedia: "Early impressions may have a small lump under the chin and/or die flaws near the rim opposite stars 10 and 11." Both of these features are seen on the current specimen. This piece is originally toned, with highpoint wear that is typical for the grade. There are few marks, and the only one that is individually noteworthy is a shallow depression that resides on the upper reverse, just below the closest upper left and right leaves.
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