1795 $1 Silver Plug MS (PCGS# 6854)

Pre-Long Beach

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    Goldberg Auctioneers
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Lot Description
Nice light even toning on both sides. A well cared for specimen of this scarcer Flowing Hair piece, a coin with energetic natural and presentable surfaces that want to motivate bidders to increase their bids as though by subtle hypnotism! Behind the head are a few minor swirling scratches, ages old, with others, too few and immaterial to point out, here and there on both sides.<BR><BR>The BB-18 variety shares an obverse with BB-16 and BB-17 wide date, while Reverse F die was used to strike BB-18 and BB-19. On the reverse are found three leaves under each wing. This is the only 14-berry variety, diagnostic: Seven berries on each branch. There is only one berry on left branch of wreath between eagle's wing and ribbon bow, and it is on the inside of wreath. Two berries below the D in UNITED. Conspicuous die flaws at the end of the left ribbon. E in AMERICA double punched at top are also noted on all specimens seen. A pleasing coin. Pop 1; 1 in EF45; 1 in AU58.</B> <BR>Estimated Value $7,000 - 8,000. <I><BR>Ex Dr. Hesselgesser.</I>
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