1795 $1 Silver Plug MS (PCGS# 6854)

The August 2010 Boston Rarities Sale

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    Bowers & Merena
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Lot Description
1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar. BB-18, B-7. Rarity-4, as a die variety. Bowers Die State I. Three Leaves--Silver Plug--Fine-12 (PCGS). Much like adjustment marks were meant to reduce the weight of heavy planchets, the early Mint used a small silver plug on a handful of underweight planchets (mostly for Silver Dollars) to being the weight up to within the legal range of tolerance. The plug was inserted into a tiny hole made in the center of the planchet and, when the blank was struck, it was impressed into the surface of the finish coin. All early Dollars with a silver plug that this cataloger has seen, however, display a different color to the toning in the area of the plug, making such pieces fairly easy to identify even in lower grades. Such is the case with the present example, the plug being readily identifiable in the center of both the obverse and the reverse. The balance of the surfaces are more deeply patinated in a lavender-charcoal shade that itself lightens over the devices. Well defined for the grade, with no individually mentionable abrasions apart from a few wispy pinscratches in the reverse field at the lower border and between the words OF and AMERICA. A very scarce offering for the advanced early Dollar specialist.
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