1796 $1 Small Date, Sm Letters MS (PCGS# 6859)

Pre-Long Beach

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    Ira & Larry Goldberg
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Lot Description
Light even grey and blue toning. An accurately graded specimen with strong primary detail including central hair waves and naturally toned highlights on both sides. More than adequately struck for this date, perhaps not 100% so, the small eagle Type rarely is, but certainly a coin that gets points where fullness of design is concerned. A few crisscross adjustment lines in the hair.<BR><BR>BB-63 is noted for its small wide date; all of the figures of date evenly spaced wide apart. The 6 leans to the left. Highest wave of hair under serif at left bottom of E; second highest wave under upright of R. End of hair tress touches only one (the innermost) point of star 1. The curly lock closest to the date barely misses the star point to the right of the innermost point of star 1 (magnification may be necessary to tell this; on BB-66, the curly lock touches not only the tip of the innermost point of star 1, but also the point to the right of it). An estimated 175 to 300 specimens exist of 1796 BB-63, one of many early bust dollar varieties that are usually seen in lower grades. Above Very Fine, acquisition becomes more difficult. Specimens are scarce if Extremely Fine and very rare if About Uncirculated. The typical example of 1796 BB-63 is not as well struck as this attractive AU50 specimen. Pop 10; 24 finer.(PCGS # 6859) </B>. <BR>Estimated Value $11,000 - 12,000.
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