1797 $1 9X7 Stars, Large Letters MS (PCGS# 6863)

2010 March Fort Worth, TX Signature ANA US Coin Auction #1138

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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1797 $1 9x7 Stars, Large Letters AU50 NGC. B-1, BB-73. R.3. Intermediate Die State III-IV. This is a very attractive 1797 dollar that should stimulate strong bidding competition between the type collector looking for a choice specimen and the die variety collector interested a magnificent example of the late die state with the clashed and shattered obverse die. Both the obverse and the reverse have lustrous, medium gray and rose surfaces with a darker splash of color on the left side of the obverse. This specimen has all the attributes of Bowers' Die State III, as follows: "OBVERSE: A few delicate traces of arc-like clash marks are in the field before Miss Liberty's face and are so subtle that only high-grade coins show them; these are from the curved palm leaves on the reverse. The die has developed hairline cracks as follows: From denticles upward to outermost point of star 4, continuing through a point of star 5 to ribbon; crack from ribbon downward through hair curl, hair, bottom curl, to border. Minute crack from denticles downward to star 5. Crack from denticle through two bottom points of star 7 to ribbon. From bottom of 97 of date through bust drapery to star 15, minutely continuing through the centers of stars 14 and 13. From denticle toward (but not touching) star 15. Stars on right develop distended points toward the denticles. REVERSE: No cracks." This specimen is struck from a slightly later state of the dies. Many of the breaks as described under Die State III extend further than as described. On the reverse, a break is forming from the denticles through the second T in STATES into the wreath. There are numerous adjustment marks on the obverse, with some in Liberty that "blend" with the hair. There is a small planchet flaw from 17 in the date to the rim. The central details are somewhat weak, as expected, and each side has light gray-rose toning with a thin arc of darker color on the left obverse rim. A lovely, problem-free example with a few light adj
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