1797 $1 9X7 Stars, Large Letters MS (PCGS# 6863)


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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1797 $1 9x7 Stars, Large Letters AU58 NGC. B-1, BB-73, R.3. Die State VI. This is the latest die state we have seen of this variety, even later than lot 23492 in Reiver, described as the terminal die state for this variety. Indeed, Q. David Bowers specifically mentioned the Gilhousen coin as an example of this die state. In the catalog for that collection, Superior described this piece as "the most advanced die state known, shattered and bulged." Not only is this example remarkable for its die state, but it is also a gorgeous near-Mint example with traces of rub only on the highpoints. The surfaces retain nearly full luster with light golden toning. A small nick at the base of B positively identifies the pedigree. In addition to heavy clash marks in the obverse fields, especially to the right of Liberty, the obverse has a prominent bulge obliterating stars 7 and 8. There are no less than 12 distinct die cracks around the obverse. It is difficult to enumerate these die cracks, but we will try. 1) From the border through the left top of T to Liberty's hair, crossing the hair ribbon to stars 5 and 4, reaching the rim over star 3. 2) From the border to star 12, reaching Liberty's chin and neck. 3) From the base of 97 to the drapery, eventually reaching stars 15 and 14. 4) From the border at 5 o'clock across the drapery and hair, terminating at crack 1 just right of the ribbon. 5) From the border through 9 to Liberty's shoulder and lower hair curls, eventually arcing back to star 2 and the border. 6) From the border just left of the digit 1, disappearing in the lowest hair curl. 7) A faint crack begins in the lowest curl just left of crack 6, continuing up to the hair ribbon and crack 1. 8) From crack 5 in the left field, past the inner points of stars 3 and 4 to crack 1. 9) Faintly between stars 5 and 6, curving up along the inside edge of the die bulge. 10) From the border through star 7 to the hair ribbon and crack 1. 11) From the lower point of star 9, down to the ha
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