1798 $1 Small Eagle, 15 Stars MS (PCGS# 6868)

Pre-Long Beach

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    Ira & Larry Goldberg
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Lot Description
Nicely even toning on both sides, both surfaces deeply displaying the attractive, almost wood-grain effect of silvery gray to russet brown. Very scarce coin in this or any other grade.<BR><BR>The only 1798 dollar with 15 stars. Undoubtedly, this die was made in 1795 or before June 1796, during which time 15 stars were standard; the die was complete except for the date. In 1798 the uncompleted die had the date stamped and was used to coin this variety. <BR><BR>On BB-81, the highest wave of hair is incomplete, probably from relapping, which also caused certain lower hair curls to be incomplete. B and R in LIBERTY each tilted slightly right. There is a wide numeral 8 in date with the top interior space a horizontal oval and the bottom a circle, from a punch unique to this obverse, not used elsewhere in the early dollar series (not for the 8 on later dates such as 1800, 1801, etc., which have vertical oval spaces within the 8). This distinctive 8 punch was regularly used on 1798 $10 gold coins, however.<BR><BR>The reverse is of the small eagle type -- a motif first used in the silver dollar series in 1795, and continued through early 1798. Sometime in the beginning of 1798, this general type was superceded by the heraldic eagle motif, which was used for the balance of the series. It is thought that the durable reverse die under discussion was first used in calendar year 1795, again in 1796, temporarily retired in 1797 (according to Bowers), and used for the last time in early 1798 ("to strike coins dated 1797 and 1798"). Pop 2; 5 finer.</B> <BR>Estimated Value $18,000 - 22,000. <I><BR>Ex Dr. Hesselgesser.</I>
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