1798 $1 5 Stripes MS (PCGS# 6874)

The George Mouhtouris Collection

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    Ira & Larry Goldberg
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Lot Description
A rare and seldom offered variety, this coin sports the 5 fine lines making up each stripe in the shield to represent the red and white of the Great Seal. Most silver dollar dies show 4 fine lines, and this detail is enough for listing in the Guide Book as a separate issue. Steel gray in color, with mottled darker areas around the central reverse devices. The strike is average. On the reverse, the engraver used the star cross pattern, which is closer to the pattern seen on the Great Seal of the United States, and the stars are arranged in lines rather than arcs. One rim bump above CA of AMERICA, and we see two short parallel scratches below Liberty's ear as well as other general handling marks on both sides, expected for the grade. Struck from dies which were severely lapped, nearly eliminating the dentils on the left side of the obverse (this was done to remove a die crack through the stars on the left side, some of the crack can still be seen). The Bowers Borckardt auction survey notes just 22 auction appearances for the variety. <BR>Estimated Value $1,200 - 1,800.
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