1798 $1 5 Stripes MS (PCGS# 6874)

Jules Reiver Volume III

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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1798 $1 Five Stripes. B-32, BB-91, R.6. VF35 NGC. Close date with knobbed 9 close to 8; Five vertical shield lines, branch points toward tail feathers. Reiver die state a. Bowers-Borckardt die state II. Described in the 1975 Superior catalog as "Unlisted. Rev. of Bolender 4; obverse similar to Bolender 1, but different from B.4 as follows: Knobbed 9, but the date is more closely spaced and the numerals a trifle more thinly cut. Stars in relation to L, Y, curls, and bust similar to that on B.4, but the stars points at a different angle in relation to the lower right of Y and drapery just below the bust line. Minor die failure at the sixth and seventh stars and L of LIBERTY. There is also a curious tiny die crack from point of farthest ribbon, extending left, crossing lower right point of the fourth star, and ending up through the two upper left points of the third star. There also appears to be two even more minute cracks, one just right of the 8, from the bust to the denticles; and another, farther away, near bust point, extending to the center of a denticle. Fine 15, clean, but with the usual amount of handling marks we would expect on a coin of this grade. Unique as far as this cataloguer knows; the first seen or heard of. An important opportunity." Today this coin is a light silvery-gray color, with some luster in the protected areas. There are some small nicks near Liberty's ear, otherwise the coin is average for the grade. A well pedigreed and pleasing example for the variety specialist. Apparently one of the first varieties struck in 1798, soon after the small eagle coins were coined as this die pairing uses the same obverse die from the Bolender-1 issue but with additional die cracks. Ex: Baldenhofer; Ostheimer; Superior's ANA Sale (August, ANA) lot 853; Superior's Sale (February, 1977) lot 472. Envelope Included.
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