1798 $1 5 Stripes MS (PCGS# 6874)

Pre-Long Beach

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    Goldberg Auctioneers
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Lot Description
Attractive uniform natural greyish-violet toning on both sides. A pleasing looking coin struck on a problem-free planchet. BB-101.</B> Wide date, the 8 just touching bust. Date is over 11.5 mm. across at bottom widest part. Upper star on left very close to L, and upper star on right is near Y. Second star ray points slightly right of denticle. The denticles to left of date are irregular. Obverse die used to strike 1798 BB-101 only. Combined with Reverse F: Large Letters, 5 lines in each vertical shield element. BB-101 is from an later state than BB-96 with which it shares this reverse. On the BB-101 variety some berries appear without stems. Only 10 arrows, the two sticks seen on BB-96 having now been removed. The reverse die was used to coin BB-96 dollars, reground and used to coin BB-101.<BR><BR>1798 BB-101 is a rare variety.</B> Probably about 70 to 120 are known, according to the Bowers guide to early dollars, "most of which are well circulated. The average grade of F-19 is one of just a few to dip below the VF category. An AU or Mint State coin, if such could be found, would be regarded as a landmark item." Pop 1; 6 finer, 3 in 45, 1 in 50; 2 in 53(PCGS # 6874) </B>. <BR>Estimated Value $3,300 - 3,600.
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