1798 $1 Wide Date MS (PCGS# 6877)

CSNS01 (Barton/Dominick/Young/Weiss)

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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1798 $1 Large Eagle MS 64 PCGS. B-8, BB-125. Die State V. Along with B-23, BB-105, this die marriage is the most common 1798 Draped Bust dollar, and one of the most easily obtainable early dollars of any date. Interestingly enough, Bowers (1993) lists only AU and XF examples in his Condition Census for this variety. This contradiction gives us to opportunity to present the present near-Gem as probably the finest example of B-8, BB-125 available to today's specialists. This coin was struck from a very late die state. Numerous clashmarks and spindly cracks are noted on the obverse, and stars 5 and 7 are weakly defined due to die failure. The reverse die was shattered at the time of striking, and more than a dozen cracks of varying size encompass the periphery, some of which reach toward the center. The E in UNITED is faint, as are many of the feathers on the eagle's breast. All of these features are as struck--the surfaces are free of mentionable post-production distractions. The appearance of both sides is predominantly silver-gray in color, but a smattering of golden-tan patina is noted over Liberty's portrait and the upper left obverse, and also over a few widely spaced areas on the reverse. The luster is frosty in texture with some satiny tendencies in the fields. Obviously the finest B-8, BB-125 dollar that we have ever offered, and undoubtedly one of the final examples produced with this die pair.
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