1798 $1 Wide Date MS (PCGS# 6877)

Jules Reiver Volume III

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    Heritage Auctions
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Lot Description
1798 $1 Wide Date. B-12, BB-120, R.3. VG8 NGC. Wide date, 17 close, 8 closer to border than bust; Line star pattern, star touches lower beak. Reiver die state a, late. Bowers-Borckardt die state II. Silvery-gold and attractive for the grade. There are no surface problems or adjustment marks. This appears to be a fairly early die state, but the obverse has enough wear to hide the cracks (if present) through the stars. On the reverse, the usual die crack is seen through UNITED ST. Struck off center a bit toward 10 o'clock, with weak dentils in that area. Ex: John Haugh (September,1998). Envelope Included.
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