1799 $1 Irregular Date-13 St MS (PCGS# 6880)

August 2011 Chicago ANA - Rarities Night

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    Stack's Bowers
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Lot Description
1799 Draped Bust Silver Dollar. B-15a, BB-152. Rarity-5. Bowers Die State IV. Irregular Date, 13-Star Reverse. MS-61 (PCGS). The Irregular Date, 13-Star Reverse <em>Guide Book </em>variety is not denoted on the PCGS insert. A highly significant die marriage among early dollar variety collectors, B-15 represents the only use of a 1798 reverse die in the production of 1799 dated Draped Bust dollars. As such, it is also the only 1799 die marriage with a "line pattern" of stars in the reverse field above the eagle. In addition to the star pattern, this reverse die is readily identifiable in this marriage by the presence of a bold crack (as made) from the end of the branch stem to the lower border. The obverse die of B-15 is the Irregular Date with both digit 9s improperly spaced and canted away from one another. In the late die state represented by the coin in this lot, the obverse is extensively cracked around the periphery.<br /> The 1799 B-15 is not a particularly challenging&nbsp;die marriage to collect, and well worn examples are obtainable with patience. It is a significant condition rarity, however, with even properly graded AUs qualifying as Condition Census. In Mint State, as here, this die marriage is a major rarity. A visually impressive piece with dominant silver-white brilliance to both sides, speckles of russet patina are evident here and there in the obverse field. There is no color on the reverse save for a faint, as struck planchet streak that bisects the upper portion of the eagle. Sharply defined on the obverse, a bit less so on the reverse, with few readily evident abrasions to satiny surface texture. A coin that represents an important and fleeting bidding opportunity for the advanced early dollar specialist.
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